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Ice Cream Cake FAQ

FAQ for Ice Cream Cakes:

Cake Turnaround Times:


If You Order On 

Cake Will Be Ready from


Friday after 4pm


Friday after 4pm


Friday after 4pm

Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday 

Tuesday after 4pm


Can I pre-order a cake?

If you do have time up your sleeve, then pre-orders are your jam! You can order the ice cream cake of your dreams, complete with a specific flavour, colour piping, or even a personalised inscription. It's like crafting your own delicious work of art. Just give us a bit of a heads-up, and we'll work our magic (see turnaround times below)

Do you have ready made cakes available?

But we get it, sometimes time isn't on your side. Maybe you need that cake fix ASAP, like, "I can't wait, I need cake NOW!" In that case, just waltz on into our shop. We've got a display freezer chock-full of ready-to-pick-up cakes, like a treasure trove of frozen delights. Or, if you're more of a talker, give us a shout at 5443 4094, and we'll spill the beans on what's available.

So whether you're planning ahead or seizing the cake day like the dessert warrior you are, we've got you covered. Let's turn those cake dreams into sweet reality! 🍰🍨😄  Discover our third-party verified customer reviews 👉 Ice Cream Cake Reviews


 Sarah J. on Nov 01, 2022

" Couldn't get over how heavy the actual cake was. Talk about value for money. Turned out to be an inexpensive way to do dessert for our party of 20. Not to mention how impressed our guests were with the decorating of the cake. Will use they guys next time when we are entertaining."


Order on a Monday earliest pick up Friday after 4pm

Order on a Tuesday earliest pick up Friday after 4pm

Order on a Wednesday earliest pick Friday after 4pm

Order on a Thursday earliest pick up next Tuesday after 4pm

Order on a Fridayearliest pick up nextTuesday after 4pm

Order on a Saturday earliest pick up nextTuesday after 4pm

Order on a Sunday earliest pick up next Tuesday after 4pm


If you would like to pre-order one of our cakes you can do so on our website, drop into our shop or phone us 07 5443 4094CAKE ORDERS

If you're interested in a customised ice cream cake, feel free to send us an email with your preferences (include photo ideas if possible), and we'll be in touch to chat about the details.


Can your cakes be personalised? 

Yes all our cakes can be personalised.  If we cannot personalise the top of the cake we can pipe around the actual cake board.  Leave your inscription details in the order notes.

Can I Have Two Flavours?

Yes you can request two flavours.  Just let us know in the order notes which two flavours you would like. Not available for small size cakes (serves 6-8)

Is there sponge cake or lollies hidden inside your ice cream cakes?

Absolutely not! Our cake bases are a 100% wonderous creation made of our heavenly, creamy, and delightfully dense ice cream. No tricks, just pure ice cream magic!

What is the difference between your cakes and the cheaper supermarket options?

Picture this: a typical 1.5L cake from those other guys (supermarket) might tip the scales at a measly .860 grams – including packaging!  But hold onto your spoons, because our ice cream is the real deal, dense and delicious, our average large cake clocks in at a hefty 3kg, giving you more bang for your bite!  So when it comes to comparing, it's not just apples with apples – it's like comparing a feather to a cannonball!  As one of our wonderful customers noted in her review…

Sarah J. on Nov 01, 2022

"Couldn't get over how heavy the actual cake was. Talk about value for money. Turned out to be an inexpensive way to do dessert for our party of 20. Not to mention how impressed our guests were with the decorating of the cake. Will use these guys next time when we are entertaining."

Medium weighs 2.5kg and Small 1.4kg

(weights may vary a just a little as they are handmade)

Do you have GLUTEN FREE ice cream cakes?

Yes we've got you covered!

Firstly most of our ice cream flavour lineup is proudly gluten-free (check out the list below for the full scoop). The good news continues with our gluten-free buttercream icing.

Now, we must confess – some cake decorations may bring gluten to the party. But fear not! Our Caramel Lattice topper is the gluten-free VIP you've been waiting for.


Feeling artsy? Dive into our DIY Plain Cake – decorate it yourself for a gluten-free masterpiece!

And for those with a specific vision, we're gluten-free cake wizards – just drop us an instruction in the notes section and we can custom make our Lolly Top, Deluxe Chocolate Top, Carnival, Honeycomb, Unicorn or Mint Choc Chip creations to be gluten free.  Just remember to put a GF instruction in the notes section of your order.

Your gluten-free wishes are our command!

Gluten Free Flavours:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Rum & Raisin
  • Passionfruit
  • Coffee
  • Strawberry
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Salted Caramel
  • White Chocolate Raspberry
  • Honeycomb
  • Bubblegum
  • Liquorice
  • Mars
  • Turkish Delight
  • Vanilla Bean

I Have a Custom Design in Mind Can You Make it For Me?

Drop us an email of what you would like with some photos if possible and we will let you know if we can make it for you.  hello@cottontreeicecreamery.com.au

I have my own topper can I give you this to add to my cake?

Yes you certainly can.  Please let us know in the online notes or when ordering over the phone or in store.

Do you have edible images:

We no longer do edible images

Can I Speak to Someone?

Of course, you are welcome to call our shop on 5443 4094 and speak to one of our lovely staff or pop in to discuss your requirements with one of our team. We would love to hear from you!  Please check our opening hours in the footer of our website.

Are Your Cakes Iced or Naked?

All our designs are naked cakes i.e they are not iced on the top and sides. The ice cream flavour is the actual cake colour.  We use buttercream icing for the piping on the edges, inscriptions and embellishments.  

Where and When do I Pick Up my Order?

You can pick up your order from our shop in King St Cotton Tree (Maroochydore).  We are three shops up from Mojo's Cafe (caravan park end of King St).  Anytime after 1pm   Don't forget to bring an Eski or even a towel to wrap around the box for insulation.

Do You Guys Deliver?

Currently we don't deliver

Why Does Your Website ask if it is Ok to Leave Package at Front Door?

Apologies for the confusion.  This message unfortunately cannot be deleted on our website.  Please ignore as we only offer pick up and go straight to Check Out.

How Can i Keep my Cake Frozen in Transit and How Long Will it Last?

We recommend you bring a cooler bag or esky with ice blocks.This should give you up to 1 hour travel time. Make sure you keep the cake out of the sun and have the air conditioning on. For extra insulation wrap a towel around the box.

How Much Space Do I Need in My Freezer?

 All our cake boxes are 15cm high.  Medium cake boxes are 25cm x 25cm x 15cm.  Large cake boxes are 30cm x 30cm x 15cm.

How Should I Serve My Cake?

Remove your cake from the freezer about 10 minutes before you are ready to present it. In the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday, blow out the candles and take a few pictures, it will be ready to serve (about 15-20 minutes altogether).If your cake is still a bit frozen simply dip your knife in a cup of hot water.

I Have Some People at My Party with Allergies, what Can i do?

Many people have serious food allergies to common ingredients such as flour, egg, dairy products, strawberries, nuts, etc. If you have any question about the possibility of a food allergy for your recipient, please discuss this prior to placing your order. Our ice cream does not contain egg however the buttercream icing does contain albumen egg powder.

Are the quality of your cakes comparable to those offered by Cold Rock in Alexandra Headlands?

Certainly, we take pride in believing that our cakes surpass the quality previously offered at Cold Rock in Alexandra Headlands. Regrettably, Cold Rock in that location has closed down.

Still not sure?  

Discover our third-party verified customer reviews. Ice Cream Cake Reviews

If I cancel my order can I get a refund?

Once your cake has been made and you choose to cancel your order, we cannot offer a refund – this is because each cake is made to individual requirements. However, you can choose to postpone the pickup day of your order. However if we haven’t started making your cake or it is not personalised we will be happy to offer you a refund

 We look forward to helping you with your cake selection!