Our Story

Cate and Peter started off making and selling handmade fudge and ice cream at their first shop The Fudge Cottage out at Aussie World – est. 2005.  Due to the popularity of their treats they opened up Cotton Tree Ice Creamery where Peter proudly churns his own small batch ice cream on a daily basis.  Peter’s method of handmaking the ice cream means it has far less air whipped into it making it creamier than commercial ice cream.  

We love serving people and making them happy, being close to the river and sea  ….kids come in wrapped in towels with sand on their feet…excited after a fun day out to grab a treat…it's reminiscent of our childhood holidays” explains Cate.

Cate & Peter know their handmadeice cream is a winner as hundreds of people vote with their feet each day as they turn up for their ice cream fix.

They also have a large range of gluten free fudge and ice creams available.  For those that are gluten intolerant they also have gluten free waffle cones. “it’s great to see the eyes light up when a person finds out that they can also enjoy the crunch of a waffle cone” explains Cate.

In 2020 they launched their very own handmade ice cream cakes which can be viewed in their display freezer.

Handmade and Locally Produced 

We make all small batch ice cream daily. Other local producers are also supported as we proudly stock The Fudge Cottage handmade fudge, Candy Addictions boiled lollies, Wimmers soft drinks and Cooroy Spring Water